Terrible error with Exchange RPC

Exchange RPC has a terrible error with the RPC. Microsoft suggests to install KB908521. DO NOT USE THIS UPDATE ON HIGH TRAFFIC RPC FRONTENDs!

I found the resolution to this issue.  It had to do with patch
KB908521.  The dll it “fixes” is rpcrt4.dll and pertains to running
Outlook on the Exchange server, which we do not do, so I uninstalled
the patch and this fixed the issue.  The way I found this out was from
someone that had access to MS internal databases.  Apparently it is a
known issue but not published to the public.  Thanks MS!

I hope this post helps others with this issue.  When I uninstalled the
patch it warned me that some other things may be affected, but I
haven’t seen any problems and I don’t get the app pool crashing
multiple times a day now.

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