SaaS Market Interest

Market interest in SaaS has exploded. The industri is booming with knowledge and new business models turn up every day. I really like the daily discussions I have with all of you – thank you all!

A year ago I founded the Software + Services SaaS group on LinkedIn. The group has now reached 2.000  participants, and we seek to form a european usergroup on SaaS, going for the first European SaaS Convent.

SaaS is now a billion dollars business, let’s share the vision to educate the end-customers.

2 thoughts on “SaaS Market Interest

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  2. I agree 100%. I spent four years working for a successful SaaS vendor and watched the SaaS market mature. So the market acceptance is clear.

    I now work for a company that provides Saas focused advisory services – for both software providers and end users of technology to help take the risk out of the transition to SaaS.

    One interesting item from my perspective is that only vendors who adopt certain software and hardware architectures will be able to deliver cost competitive SaaS products over time. So it especially important for end consumers of technology to get on the right vehicle when starting down the SaaS road.

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