S+S Real Life Example

I have been working close with a small Danish ISV for some while now. I meet them around 14-16 months ago, and I am very impressed with their application. Take a look here (Pronestor). The reason for my amazement is not that the application is enterprise and complicated, it is rather the opposite. Pronestor makes their money on a small booking add-in for the Microsoft Office suites. The application is a small add-in for Microsoft Outlook and together with a SOA (or should I state WOA) architecture, Pronestor had the most compelling example on software + services I ever meet.

Correct Architectual Model
The architecual model of the application, seperates every aspect of the solution into layers, using Web Services technology and giving Pronestor the unique opportunity to host different aspects of the application in the cloud. I see this as the most important rule to enter SaaS or Software + Services, and the fact that Pronestor did their architectual model without any inputs from an incubator, proves they are right on the spot. The architecture model they choose was exactly the fit for S+S, and even their business model could adapt to the real world of subscriptional revenue.

Today Mondo have helped Pronestor – as a Incubation Center – with a BDS (business design session). They are in the middle of a scope on an ADS (architectural design session) and their application is almost done, I really look forward to pushing more on them. Bundling applications and getting them to the international marketplace. Their solution brings together the experience and the opportunity to harvest the new economy model and a new compelling delivery method of software. A model build on SaaS but extends the experience with unique experience and integration with your favorite Office suite.

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