The Kodak Case

Several months ago, I discussed the case of KODAK. We all know the World Wide brand, but I used KODAK to illustrate that many business models gets disrupted, if not proper managed. We all know 3M went from mining to the screen (as a sticker :)), but I did actually ask the participants what KODAK could do with the market, currently disrupting the need of traditional film. I believe the question has been answered, and KODAK just announce a joint-venture with Microsoft Surface. See Any business can evolve from a business model into a new and more innovative business. Here is how you do it:

  • You will need to staff probably (I would say accurately), and don’t staff poorly with one director (who can share resources)
  • Find a thrilled and market-knowing leader, and guard that person
  • Budget for resources ($$, people and focus), and budget for profit/loss!
  • Ask for executing and plans
  • Setup review/coatch meetings, daily, weekly or whenever you need it
  • Don’t make the new business go for “buy-ins” (it is ridicules how senior management like this bull s*** term), they are actually attacking the old-business, as a CEO you will be the man-in-middle, step up!
  • Give the new team control, ownership and let them drive for the success-rate

Remember – it’s is everybody’s business, but if you do not make it somebody’s and that person has an opportunity to thrive – you are just building to fail, rather than building for success.

Enjoy –


vCloud Express launched – Where is Microsoft?????

VMWare announced the launch of its riposte to Amazon EC2 – the vCloud Express. However I like VMWare for pushing towards the digital datacenter, I believe Microsoft is loosing ground and opportunity in this field. Not only does Amazon EC2 take a strong foothold (launching 50.000 VM’s a month), but VMWare has long been the proven virtualization platform in private and public clouds. Has Microsoft failed with their newly launch of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and the Hyper-V?

Not only did VMWare launch the vCloud Express, but the surrounding APIs helps service  providers do even more with the comprehensive tool.

I do not believe Microsofts technology does not add op; but certanly the market is really moving ahead in the fast track, and soon the leading space is out of Microsoft based hypervisors. So will Microsoft be a follower or a leader?

Great sales execution, using IT for experience

Just wanted to share a short blog entry on giving your customers a great experience while engaging in a customer-relationship.

Use Outlook Invites. Confirm your meeting appointments by Microsoft Outlook meeting invites. By not only do the invite, do it RIGHT!

  • Use subject field to specify the shortest ever subject to you can do, but it has to describe the meeting purpose in whole.
  • Use location field to specify the location of the meeting. The whole address. If you have a conference call, specify “Conference Call – Rasmus to call Jeff” to it is clear to everybody who is engaging. If you have a meeting conference number, specify that – “conference call – number xxxxxx, participant pass code xxxx#”.
  • First lines of the text, again – specify the mobile number and meeting participants!
  • Add an agenda to the meeting. You do NOT meet a client, without it. Simple one here:


– Introductions and why we meet
– Presentation of Customer X and the challanges You may face
– Presentation of Us and how to solve your challanges
– Evalutation and next steps (recap and actions)

  • Call the day in advance to confirm, if it is the first time you will meet that client.
  • Drive 15 minutes prior to estimated departure – you could easily waste the customers time driving around to find a parking spot or building 56931??
  • Understand my previous slide – pay attention to the detail, do not quick-slide through it, as you are wasting your customers time.
  • Include a Google Maps or Bing Maps link – or even image, if the location is hard to find!
  • Use a professional hosting service, and an Windows Mobile or Exchange Sync capable device. You will benefit from having ALL detail in your hand, with-in a click on the appointment; address, phone numbers to call in late, maps and agenda!

These points will help you get through and to the meeting, but calm your customer – that you are in control.

Business Cards. Burn them. And I mean it. Burn them. I do not want to sit down and type 10 business cards every day, just because I am selling. And no – scanning devices does not work!

  • If you do not want to burn them, print a new one, with a Microsoft Tag on it. Read more on – it saves you time and is a great experience to deliver for your customer!
  • Pre-sent a vcard to the customer with your details, prior to the meeting. Ask for their vcard!

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or OneNote to cover your meeting details, and write a memo from the meeting.

  • Confirm the details agreed on the meeting. Confirm actions and dates.
  • Add a “if anyone has additional information or changes, please inform” so no one skips the opportunity
  • Track the opportunity and call back for evaluation!!!

Last but not least – pay attention to the detail. And understand my previous post