vCloud Express launched – Where is Microsoft?????

VMWare announced the launch of its riposte to Amazon EC2 – the vCloud Express. However I like VMWare for pushing towards the digital datacenter, I believe Microsoft is loosing ground and opportunity in this field. Not only does Amazon EC2 take a strong foothold (launching 50.000 VM’s a month), but VMWare has long been the proven virtualization platform in private and public clouds. Has Microsoft failed with their newly launch of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and the Hyper-V?

Not only did VMWare launch the vCloud Express, but the surrounding APIs helps service  providers do even more with the comprehensive tool.

I do not believe Microsofts technology does not add op; but certanly the market is really moving ahead in the fast track, and soon the leading space is out of Microsoft based hypervisors. So will Microsoft be a follower or a leader?

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