Why Unified Communications will change my life

In a phone interview the other day, the journalist asked me:

Why would Unified Communications change your life?

Without thinking of it and thinking of a smart, catchy and very impressive answer – I mumbled “No”. Was I wrong? I actually does not believe so. Unified Communications will change my work style and make my work more productive and profitable. But it will probably not impact my life – as I always distuingvis between work impact and life impact in terms of quality. Looking at it from the dawn of todays launches in Unified Communications, it will probably make my life more terrible the next 1-3 years.

First of all I will have ½-1 hours more time on my hand everyday, secondly – there is no policies or regulations in terms of how Unified Communications is implemented in the business and how to cope with video-phone-calls, anywhere access and the anoying factor of my presence status now is online, when I but in an Out-Of-Office just to get my inbox to ground zero. Thirdly – not only do I stress to make micro-management Outlook Rules and Policies to arrange everything in folders and search folders (I need to find information FAST, RELIABLE and CORRECTLY; call me a legal junkie, but I like to know my background facts and information in seconds), Unified Communications will also make me shuffle Voice Rules and Policies to serve my possible recipients or senders. At last – my phone will disappear. I just noted the other day that my desk today is very dull;

  • A docking station for my IBM Lenovo t400s
  • A stand for my Microsoft bluetooth headset
  • A picture of my girlfriend (could be digitalized, but why should I miss a lovely face just because Windows fucks up?)
  • My Moleskin dictionary of the great people I have met in my live (but also the Black Pages – You probably know if you are in there)
  • That it…

No phone. No monitor. No keyboard. Just a white table and very clean. Even the size of the table was brought down to 140 x 80 – just because I now have it all in my pc – Microsoft did it tell the future. IM A PC.

Analysing these facts, does actually not impact my life only my work style. When I know I am a better person, when I know I am getting less ill – when I know I impact my life through Unified Communications. You probably will read it online – of get it as a voice message through Unified Communications 😉