EMC, VMWare & Cisco rams Cloud Channel

The trio or duo, according to how you view ownership, today announced Acadia – a joint venture in private cloud computing delivery.

VMWare launched VCloud Exress in US, and will together with Cisco and EMC launch a new innovative solution to help system integrators deliver value with private cloud building blocks. Hosters for long, have chosen VMWare ESX as the favorite choice in virtualized environments, but with the launch of Acadia, it again looks like a vendor attacks the channel.

BPOS Reseller Model Recap

Several months ago I did mention that there is no Business Model to resell BPOS unless you are a systems integrator and earn your money on time & material. Read – https://mrfoged.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/there-is-no-partner-business-model-in-microsoft-bpos/

Based on todays announcement from Microsoft (Read http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2009/nov09/11-02BPOSExpandsPR.mspx) I really need to recap my thoughts and learnings from my blog post. Not only does the price cut impact the whole Microsoft Hosting Industry, but a possible earning-model, has just become more hard to cover. Reality is that it’s defiantly not reselling model now for Microsoft Business Productivity Online, and I urge hosters to review their business model, disrupt the model and take a more vertical approach towards differentiating their services in a hosting world. I still believe there are huge markets to capture on Microsoft technology; running a plain vanilla SaaS hosting business has just become harder.

To cover a salary for a medium sales rep. on phone, you now have to cover:

Microsoft Exchange Online, priced at $5 per seat, per month – needs 4.500 SKUs sold per year.

Microsoft Online Suite, priced at $10 per seat, per month – needs 2.700 SKUs sold per year.

It is a tough game…