“US Outsourcers to enter Europe”

Title from a news article on a Danish online news site (read it here). However odd it may seem, Europeans rush towards US and now it’s likely to turn the other way. The act and cause of confusion is a clear indication to me that the IT market is confused and very unclear where to capitalize in the current economy. Europe has for long been treated as the “last resort” so I wonder if these are the last strokes of desperate It ventures to seek capital and monetization on existing technology.

Cloud – Wasn’t it about global reach?
One thing seems odd to me though, as being in this climate. I evaluated nearly all solutions available in the market; from Amazon to Azure. From vCloud to Velocity. From SaasGrid to GoGrids, from Microsoft Dynamics Suite to Netsuite and from Google to Force. Many of these offer great online sales chat and customer reach in the US. But is asked if the technology is present in Europe the answer is – NO. So its striking me as very odd we now see many US entrants trying to leverage the opportunities in Europe. Of cause, we as Europeans has been a laugh to use the climate and window of opportunity. We are really bad at it! We are! I thought building core offerings and investing billions in technology and marketing when dealing with Cloud Computing was all about global reach and scale. However it seems that we never actually go for that global reach. US builders, build for US – and Europeans build for… sorry to realize it… the local country 😦 A true internationalize message is to lavage;

Think global, act local

US act us-local. Europe act … local-local! For a while I have been trying to establish a momentum to target the european market, but in this act and in this fight I was confronted with lack of support and energy to move the opportunity somewhere. Is this really what we as Europeans do?  Every time there is a war; we just lay down and shout for the US? And this is a war! This is currently as war of giants, and a corporate war to reach the next 6-12 years of growth in the IT market place.

EuroCloud – Now we are together… or?
www.eurocloud.org was announced a couple of months ago, and indeed it made headlines and marketing. I still believe the initiative will grow the awareness, but the unfortunate part is that the primary drivers of members in this organization works against the ideology instead of for the ideology. Reality is that people join in to make a difference, whilst the people who DO make a difference is the global economies, and players. Reality is that the announced consolidation of this market never happened, and now the corporate giants are eating up the market with channel disruption and unclear strategies that haven’t materialized yet. There is no established player in Europe to built a gate, and US have clear entry for their target. Think of it – Terramark, Microsoft, VMWare, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce, Netsuite etc. These companies are all US-based.

Welcome to the US: We did change since the war!
So are we facing a loss? I believe not. The big question is whether it will be US to overcome Europe in the IT market or Asia also will take its punch. No doubt Asia has a strong economy and their opportunity to pursue new fields to harvest IT gold are unclear. But reality is that Europe is very different from both US and Asia. The mix of cultures and the lack of integration between the borders cause a lot of trouble to the new entrants, and when Asian IT companies thrive to use mobile phone as payments, US-based companies just ask to “swipe your company credit card”; the European companies makes the payment of purchase an experience. For Europe it is not the goal that is important. But the track on which we can offer several different options to solve a matter. The track of including design, look and feel to the methodology and our new guests in the market place have a hard time to understand this.

Let’s follow the development close and let’s see if we don’t have an opportunity up the sleve. I strongly believe that we have to ACT NOW and make things happen!


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