2009 – Year In Review

My fellow readers – 2009 is coming to it’s end. And what a year it has been, eh? Nearly 11 months ago I wrote an entry on SaaS 3.0 and how it would impact 2009 – read it here https://mrfoged.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/saas-30/. I never imagined the focus and uptake the market took, and reality is that we are crossing the chasm as we speak, and the birth of several very interesting initiatives has seen the day. But first of all, let’s catch up on my predictions.


  • Identity. 2009 was a year of much focus on identity. Microsoft launched their Windows Identify Foundation, and looking at the cloud vendor landscape I see many people struggle with the issues of identity. It is important that we solve this model; and it is very important that service providers and hosters starts realizing their internal directory and security systems is being moved back into the enterprise!
  • Platform. Okay – if you are in the IT industry and you have not discussed platform once in 2009: time to close your business. Senior VPs of stock listed companies try to mingle the term and cause confusion – but reality is that platform is the IT word in 2009. Everything has become a platform, and launched of vCloud, Azure, Amazon, Huburta etc. is just a simple list of many, many interesting initiatives.
  • Offline vs. Online. While I thought this would be a very big thing in 2009, focus where to build platform and not look at the customer end. While I believe this is true, I feed this is sad, as many of the vendors in the market 2009, focused on their back yard, rather than the customers yard. I hope to see less of this in 2010 and more offline capabilities ;).
  • Enterprise applications. The Big Killer Application = Cloud ERP! I will bet everything on this. The next major M/A in software-as-a-service hit in 2010 will be ERP. 2009 told us that customers are changing rapidly and turning their business to become more agile and web-centric.
  • Intelligent web.  Over 2009 I tracked and followed more than 32 companies in relation to BI in the cloud. The intelligence and system automation that brings CxO’s not good, but GREAT reporting capabilities and analytics is what made any company drive through the economic climate. 2010 will increase this as I believe awareness around intelligent web has hit the streets.


  • Social networking. We all read about it, and we all look at it. Gartner, Forrester and IDC predicts is going to be a boom – we all twit, f’book and post. Social Networking became mainstream in 2009, and thank god for that 🙂
  • Billing. Of yes – billing. At with platforms, many companies did forget to build their billing platform. Economy crisis and people look to launch new services, new technology and do not invoice customers? Reality? Yes – and it made several companies go bankrupt as their forgot that cash-is-king and technology is not a value based driver to build initiatives.
  • New business channels. 2009 took a turn to change the business channels. We have only seen very few of these new channels, but I estimate that 2010 will change the game rapidly. We are looking at Microsoft going directly into the market, disrupting their traditional channels, we see Dell hiring resellers and iPhone just booming away with their in-store retail systems. Channels will change – we have to get used to it.
  • Revenue. 2009 was also a game to cash-vs-growth-vs-saas. With this I stipulate that the venture market turned it’s back to a killer opportunity and did not help established and new-born companies build revenue. It is though times to build a transactional, recurrent revenue business; but the people going for success is the best investment subject in many years!

Early 2010 I will make the 2010 predictions, but thank you all for a great and turbulent year.

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