Merry Christmas to All…

Dear All, Merry Christmas! The economy went down the drain this year: People was layed off, shops went bankrupt. Depression was suddenly a part of the family dinner table all over the world, and depths are still uncollected. My wish list is short this year, and very non-materialistic.

Let’s hope for a prosperous 2010. Let’s enjoy a christmas of family, rather than toys and things we never use anyhow. Spend 30 minutes more with your children. Kiss you wife twice the amount you did yesterday. Economy can fall, but you still have the most important things around. Respect them and do one thing for this blog:

Enjoy the silence, don’t read this blog in December and have a merry, merry christmas to you all!

Cloud Computing has “Landed”

Cloud Computing is now an “established” model. We derive the models into areas, and we all seems to have a view on what cloud computing is and how we can benefit from it.

I strongly believe it is time to change the game from “what is” into “how to use”. We lack customer case studies and case stories telling the market true value propositions and useability from Cloud Computing. Independent Software Vendors and Corporate CIO’s miss out on the solutions and products; What should they use? How should they use it? Where is the big ROI, TCO and business benefit.

Cloud is a strategic choice however, but the more we can show value and how to leverage Cloud Computing; the faster customers will see the true benefits of cloud.

I predict:

  • Within 5 years, no data center will deliver dedicated physical servers.
  • Witkin 5 years, no professional business will host their own collaboration platform (Unified Communications, E-mail  etc.)
  • Within 5 years, a new industry of IT management tools will emerge helping manage hybrid solutions
  • Within 5 years, 50% of all CRM solution will be delivered on-demand
  • Within 5 years, 5 new ERP vendors will challenge the mighty four in mid-market solutions
  • Within 5 years, you will write less e-mail than today, but share more information