M/A in IT is not a simple strategy

VMWare announced to acquire Zimbra from Yahoo earlier this week. After reading the press release I was thinking: Well, that’s one way of using money. What is VMWare strategy to build a collaboration platform which primarily competes with Google and Zoho – to some extend Microsoft Exchange? Zimbra announce to host 55 mill. mailboxes and is a very interesting open source compete like OpenExchange towards enterprise collaboration suites like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.

But VMWare is a core infrastructure software vendor, who’s only focus is to build and expand the best virtualization platform services in the market. The vision and belief that Zimbra will bring any value to VMWare is hard to find; but if they pull it off, I am really amazed. When Yahoo acquired Zimbra, there was a change for Yahoo to compete with Gmail, Windows Live and other freeware cloud platforms, but time and money were spent on a loosing product.

I give great respect to the strategy set by CEO Paul Maritz, but this acquisition is a strange one.

Einstein had it Wrong – E=R

We all know the famous E=MC^2. Let me introduce you to E=R, which in these times are far more important.

Entrepreneurs = Recovery, and it has been proven over and over. In turbulent times, entrepreneurs take on the risk, the hard work and the pressure from corporate banking officials (of cause, as if they were to blame?!?!…). I stated earlier that the time to invest in independent software vendors (ISVs) was now. Entrepreneurs are somewhat odd people, whose ambitions and views on future opportunities, carriers and technology often force them to work even harder, more focused and to a monthly salary; not near the high value of a store-mans salary.

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