Showing a Price tag? Use Graphics!

I often help our ISV portfolio on design and experience when dealing with online marketing sign-up pages for their application. Many ISV’s show me a price-feature table, let’s just say it often more complex than simple. Remember showing a price is also adding risk to the customers buying chain and decision to do so. This is due to people need of CONTROL when doing a purchase decision. Give the user control! Look at these examples:

Do you feel you are in control? Or even can you describe the final price? Not really, you have to be a technical buyer, but 1&1 may also chose to only present this table, to fit their segmented marked, being technical buyers.

Now look at this:

Yet it is the same table, it feels more easy and understanding right? Graphics are often better to use and leverage then show price markups and remember to embed Silverlight or flash graphics to even better the experience. If you NEED the complex price table, link to it from a simple table (advanced price table – read more here). Remember we are trying to serve different people, different markets, different feelings – and yet, we need to give the customer CONTROL.

Finally look at this:

Critics will easily say – but there is only one price! And that is exactly what the point is. If you have a complex price model, you will probably reach more revenue by changing your business model and price, and get a flood of users on the product. Don’t stick to the traditional roads; find your own model.

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