Video Conferencing and Unified Communications

Old school video conferencing (VCS) and unified communications (UC) is often put into the same frame; as the traditional “video conference” systems are seen as a must to many business decision makers. It normally starts out when the business decides to have a video conference system. Here are the tasks often initiated:

  • Get a large, preferably 42″ LCD screen to hang on the wall in the meeting room – not to wide, not big, but a great picture!!
  • Get a high-definition camera, preferably with head tracking or movement sensors – must be neat, small, great and everything.
  • Get a conference phone set, something where we can talk on the intercom together, as we need to make meetings more virtual.
  • Get a set of tools to hang the video on the wall etc.
  • Find a video conferencing system and software to leverage the above… 7 out of 10 ends up with Skype… ?
  • A small pc; all above options need a pc to share the experience of video conferencing. It must be small, low noise and yes; must be able to leverage high-definition video and audio.
  • Cables, cables, cables. Nightmare just arrived, so find something that may hide all the cables.

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