Why Microsoft Has A Winning Strategy

Last week I spend a great deal of time on meetings with partners and customers at this years Microsoft World-Wide Partner Conference (the WPC). Cloud has settled as the true change shifter, I totally agree as I have lived this strategy since web services 0.1 – nearly a decade now. I must say that I am going to announce Microsoft as a future winner. My fellow readers know and understand my close relations to Microsoft, but I will let you in on my points, for announcing “Microsoft A Winning Strategy”.

  1. The coming decade is about change, and new economic. Microsoft is “all in” (hate the term), but fueling and suppoting its 650.000 partners to understand the urgency and need to shift.
  2. The coming decade is about “developers, developers and developers”. Actually is is about innovation and new ways of doing business, but developers are the key to this success.
  3. The coming decade is about the right skills, the right people and the right strategy.
  4. The coming decade is about strong relationsships – with your partners, but more importantly with your customers. We need to help them transition.

I will share this slide with you, as I believe it holds the elements of a future winning strategy. I will no more share my reasons for this slide – but sell the reasons to you. I believe we hold the keys and strategies to the future blockbusters of the software industry, and Microsoft is supporting the venture.

The slide of a winning strategy

The slide of a winning strategy

I can wait for this decade to escalade.