Service 2.0 for Retail Stores

Let me be very honest. I hate waiting time. I am an impatience guy, I hate airports though I love flying. One thing that can piss me off is retail stores. I hate them!

Why? Retail stores are obsolete in my mind. I have to navigate though a store design, use large amount of time, just to find what I am looking for. Online shopping or β€œsearch” for products, is a neat, clean and quick way to access what I intend to buy. I am an online guy.

Worse of all – retail stores, where you go for some kind of service. Having my skis prepped for the season, getting clothes cleaned or having the car for a service job, is often a drop-off for my sake – not saving me any time, and often a hassle to go from A to B, do the drop-off, go B to C, and then for just to return C to B to A.

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IT Acquisitions – Determine Your Reason

Mergers & Acquisitions is often a misunderstood interpretation of an act and not a strategic consideration. But in times of turbulent economic – like now – we often case a lot of interesting prospects and we are encouraged to take on the task of the M/A act. If your CEO, members of board or business angel approach you with the question to start an acquisition, consider why you should do it and how. Merging an acquisition is hard work – people work and feelings work. Do not start looking at consolidating the phone systems. Look at the people.

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