Service 2.0 for Retail Stores

Let me be very honest. I hate waiting time. I am an impatience guy, I hate airports though I love flying. One thing that can piss me off is retail stores. I hate them!

Why? Retail stores are obsolete in my mind. I have to navigate though a store design, use large amount of time, just to find what I am looking for. Online shopping or “search” for products, is a neat, clean and quick way to access what I intend to buy. I am an online guy.

Worse of all – retail stores, where you go for some kind of service. Having my skis prepped for the season, getting clothes cleaned or having the car for a service job, is often a drop-off for my sake – not saving me any time, and often a hassle to go from A to B, do the drop-off, go B to C, and then for just to return C to B to A.

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