Service 2.0 for Retail Stores

Let me be very honest. I hate waiting time. I am an impatience guy, I hate airports though I love flying. One thing that can piss me off is retail stores. I hate them!

Why? Retail stores are obsolete in my mind. I have to navigate though a store design, use large amount of time, just to find what I am looking for. Online shopping or “search” for products, is a neat, clean and quick way to access what I intend to buy. I am an online guy.

Worse of all – retail stores, where you go for some kind of service. Having my skis prepped for the season, getting clothes cleaned or having the car for a service job, is often a drop-off for my sake – not saving me any time, and often a hassle to go from A to B, do the drop-off, go B to C, and then for just to return C to B to A.

Think outside the box! I have to admit I need to change my point of view – right now. This morning I went for service with my car (40.000 km and counting since December), and Audi gave me a GREAT EXPERIENCE. I have selected to go to a dealer a bit far away from my home. Reason for this is bad service and bad account management in my local town. I do not mind driving 50-70 km to get great service, and I know the Audi dealer here knows that a lot of the customers are not from the local area. As I arrived to the garage, the front port opened op and lights – like an airfield – showed me to the location of my car, within the garage. Very nice! I was meet by a friendly girl, taking me into the shop and turning my car over to the service manager. A short question of coffee preference and a short detail exchange with my experience since last visit and what he should look for. A then came the experience I think a lot of retail stores could copy.

Perfect! I was guided to a lounge part of the shop. I was given my own office – there is a conference room and I am now sitting at my own office, with free coffee, internet, a new to use printer and a video conference hub – ready to wait the two hours before I can drive my car to the office again. Through Software-As-A-Service I am connected to our internal IT systems, my e-mail, my phone – everything. Audi did a great job removing my pains of getting the car to service and adding value services, free of charge.

I just love a great customer experience!

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