eKvittering – Danish Innovation

While looking at services based computing, we often tend only to look for B2B related offering, as we can focus on the true business value, and the profit margins are higher and more related to have focus.

Unfortunately as lot of consumer based service (SaaS in many concepts), actually persists and have a great offering and marketing matrix. I followed Danish www.ekvittering.dk for a year now, and while it may seem like a very simple service, the service not only reduce co2 consumption,  saves rainforests in the world and reduce the usage of paper, there is a real value for you as a consumer.

All your receipts are located in the cloud, you do not have to think about saving these – it is in the reach with a username and password. The solution is a business-2-consumer (B2C) service, automatically saving your receipt in a online cloud storage, for future needs or recall. One of the founders of the solution got the idea after a car break-in, and could not re-call the receipt for insurance claims.

Again – making a look from the business side, I really think this also have a new vision and strength to many retail company domains. The only need would be to have an opportunity to review the receipt for errors within the shops, but why not add a www.ekvittering.dk quick-strand to the shop for your convenience.

For my international readers, ekvittering has only launched in Denmark, and is a true startup. I think the company has an internationalization strategy, and the solution would fit nicely in any country with high usage of plastic-payments, i.e. credit cards.

Super nice solution for consumers – please enroll now at www.ekvittering.dk