A Business Model for A CopyCat

I have to admit… I am thrilled and very focused on Starbucks as a company, business model – and yes, their Coffee.

Starbucks continues to amaze me, and their business concept is yet so simple, but so very hard to copy. I could not help laughing, when I hard their new product announcement. In 7 months Starbucks didn’t make their sales increasement as projected, and as a result to this – their sales growth didn’t add up. So what will a coffee company do then?

The release a new product. Not just any product. They release the same product!! Yes sir – they released coffee as a product. With this in mind, it can actually tell the story around Packaging and Messaging (thanks to David Ednie). To differentiate your product and story, you have to know the core of your offerings. I really think it is a smart move.

New Coffee?