Danish datacenter Interxion in flames

Danish datacenter Interxion had a catastrophically fire, the night between Thursday and Friday. Over 50% of the capacity in the center ran out of power and was shut down.

The fire was not started by Interxion, but a transformation station controlled by DONG. The datacenter was fully operational at 07:45 Friday morning.

I can only say – this proves why you need to host your server and IT! 12 hours after Interxion had a problem, the systems are up and running. The infrastructure, the processes and the commitment are very professional handled by Interxion. Accidents will happen, but I would recommend Interxion at any time, for their efforts in this action.

Also look at the scenario afterwards – not many datacenter vendors have experienced such a catastrophically breakdown, and this will only better the service, delivery to the customers.

Well done Interxion – good to see you back on track!