Corporate Performance Management – from top to toe

Questions regarding company performance, where are we at and how do we perform, is common and in general, something every employee seek to measure their work against. In these years, the amount of information and the availability of these was grown rapidly in the SMB and upper-end SMB market shares. And with current software on the market, and with the distribution and online services available, CPM is not always a pain of problem for the management team to implement.Here are a short dos and don’ts


  1. Establish a responsible for implementing CPM – one man army, or a common team
  2. Make a roadmap and a short list of what performance you will start to measure
  3. Only use a few external resource, make the strategy from inside the company. But rely on external resources.


  1. First of all, don’t wait! CPM will actually benefit the organization within a few weeks.
  2. Do not make it complex. Start with a SHORT list, not the WHOLE list
  3. Make the strategy support the technologies in the market space. This will help an easy process.

So… if you are planning ahead, here is a short hint. Microsoft released Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0, Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and Performance Point Server. Microsoft Excel is a great tool for KPI and performance analysis, and feather more – Microsoft CRM actually support the WHOLE organization – regardless of type and size (please take me up on this).