The Dawn of EuroCloud

Finally a cross country alliance has been established. For my US and non-EU readers, you may find it very odd that “we”, the europeans is so focused on this subject, but  here is a short spoiler.

Europe is based on many different cultures, different regulations and different laws. As business progress to expand their efforts and succes in Europe, many struggle to find the right model and get faster into the markets of EU. EuroCloud is a very interessting alliance with key stakeholders, that could make the group a succes. But before we marvel and pop the bottles, I believe we should look at more pracmatic factors in the cloud arenda in Europe:

  • No brand owns more than 10% market shares, and has established itself as the leaders
  • Very few cloud providers differentiate themselves by market segments or vertical focus
  • 8 of 10 cloud providers is simple hosters that only focus on the technology stack, and does not build niece or brand in terms of a narrow segment
  • Very few providers has come from the ISV route (the TRUE SaaS providers)
  • 9 out of 10 start with Hosted Exchange…

I will look towards helping the group and the initiative in any shape, way and form. I believe this is a great step – but a step we cannot flush into succes.