Enterprise Social Networking

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So, while we categorise many of these solutions as social networking tools, there are huge difference between the popularity of these, and how corporate and enterprise companies adopt and incorporate Social Networking as a core part of the business DNA. In the late 90’ies and beginning of 2000 we had a lot of demand in internal intranets, as companies understood the value. I see that enterprise social networking is an extension to those corporate intranets.

We now extend the internal barriers to encapsulate information from twits, feeds and external data sources – which again give corporates another challenge to understand and control information workflow and source of information. I guess many HR directors and CEOs would mind having a Twit feed from a competing company showing possible job positions? So before social networking can be implemented as a core part of the enterprise, we have to establish and understand how policies, control and disclosure can be handled. But the question may be – “is social networking a private ownership, or a corporate ownership?” CAN enterprise companies demand control?

I believe strongly in social networking as a tool to help sales prospect better, HR to understand skills and personal strengths and connections, to help back office employees share and grow their knowledge and personal skill in sharing their “wins” on different blogs; to get the recognition of their big efforts, many managers and chiefs miss to acknowledge as part of their daily management.

Enterprise social networking often start with the company directory, but should extend to be profiles that employees control themselves, shared among profiles from partners, customers and vendors of that corporate. We still haven’t seen a great social networking tool to help business incorporate and share common teams and groups. The team based and personal information sharing, built bonds beyond the borders of the corporate, and knowing personal attributes is often a driver to help unified teams perform even better.

There is a big business opportunity here!