Changing the term: Browser

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Microsoft Windows Azure. I have spoken of this platform for three years now, and finally the announcement is official.

The industry of it sourcing is changing rapidly, and what started as “browser” or “web browser” is about to change. We have marveled around the existence of the internet, and as we gave birth of ASP and later on Software-as-a-service (SaaS red.) we are seeing vendor like Microsoft and Google compete to the final release of a true SaaS oriented operation system.

So my point is that we started the era of ”surfing the web” with the browser. First we had Mozaic and later Netscape Navigation pushed the market. Microsoft released their Internet Explorer 1.0 to give people the benefit of ”exploring” the internet and browsing through dozens of dozens of pages and online articles. And this was the purpose of the browser.

The death of the “browser”
With the release of Internet Explorer 8.0, Microsoft Windows 7 and not at least the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, I see the time to change the definition. The browser has become a client to many people. SaaS applications are not something new, the most of us check our Webmail though the ”browser” and business ready system like OnDemand CRM are all dependent on a client to operate and work. Software + Services redefine this approach, as many SaaS applications will be extended with a smart client and a set of services. But yet to date, the most of all SaaS applications are delivered though the browser.

The Client
So – if the browser no longer is for entertainment only, what would be a plausible name? and would Microsoft, Google and Firefox pick up on this? What is the key driver to change the term? I see an opportunity to change and take ownership on the term of the “client to access information and applications” the next 10-15 years. The term “browser” has been around since the 1980s.

To browser is to get information on the net.

What is the next “to…” 😉


A small software+services idea for Windows Mobile

From time to time I stumble on new ideas. Most of them are Software+Services related ideas, so I wish to share one now. Based on a given business need.

The Business Need
I recieve 15-20 international calls every week, both being business and friend contacting me from hotel room, international airport etc. My problem is that sometimes the international extention is pre-extended to known contacts phonenumbers, and sometimes new contact call me. My cellphone (a HTC DualTouch Windows Mobile) displays the (+33xxxxx, +1xxxxx, +68xxxx, +3392xxxxx) extensions, but how the h… can I remember where this is related to – country wise.

My need is to display from there the call ordinates.

The Solution
I have a database of all international access code with country names. So the solution is quite simple. I need some developer to code an add-in (an extension API for TAPI) on the mobile phone, to display additional information as I recieve the call. This is a small service, where my phone will use a web service to get the country of ordination, and add this to the call history. Now I am able to see which country calling my cell.

So what?
You could think so what! And okay – please do. But this example is actually the real world software+services, and is an example of the variaty of services you could build to your stack of applications and devices.

Have fun 😉