Sneak Peek – Computing by 2020

I would like to present you with a vision of how computing by 2020 cloud be, as Cloud Computing have affected and transformed the industry. Our possibilities and options have increased significantly, and new features of innovative software solutions are combining with existing software solutions, already established in the marketplace. So how would that impact the everyday information worker? Let’s look into a normal workday.

Some of the future highlights:

  • Sharing becomes fun and learning full
  • Dead of the multiple passwords, single sign-on for every application
  • IT no matter where you are, connected
  • Increased productivity and support

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Best time to invest in ISVs and Cloud Business – NOW!

And let me rephrase that already… I expect you to have M/A skills and understand how to spot a killer application and a great investment subject. And I don’t mean buying some IT company for a buck doing due diligence over a bottle of red wine. If you are that stupid, go back to school or learn from your (countless) mistakes Mr.!

But after stressing the capital industry with my energy and a lot of business plans, I find it confusing and amusing that both VCs, BEs and the rest of the venture market does not have a clue on how to evaluate SaaS companies, and why the window to opportunity is now and 6-9 months. Let me explain:

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Cloud Computing has “Landed”

Cloud Computing is now an “established” model. We derive the models into areas, and we all seems to have a view on what cloud computing is and how we can benefit from it.

I strongly believe it is time to change the game from “what is” into “how to use”. We lack customer case studies and case stories telling the market true value propositions and useability from Cloud Computing. Independent Software Vendors and Corporate CIO’s miss out on the solutions and products; What should they use? How should they use it? Where is the big ROI, TCO and business benefit.

Cloud is a strategic choice however, but the more we can show value and how to leverage Cloud Computing; the faster customers will see the true benefits of cloud.

I predict:

  • Within 5 years, no data center will deliver dedicated physical servers.
  • Witkin 5 years, no professional business will host their own collaboration platform (Unified Communications, E-mail  etc.)
  • Within 5 years, a new industry of IT management tools will emerge helping manage hybrid solutions
  • Within 5 years, 50% of all CRM solution will be delivered on-demand
  • Within 5 years, 5 new ERP vendors will challenge the mighty four in mid-market solutions
  • Within 5 years, you will write less e-mail than today, but share more information