About rasmus|foged

Rasmus Foged started his it carrier in 1997, by founding InterKom Data – consultants in Novell solutions and GroupWise implementations. Following in 1998 Rasmus participated in launching one of Denmark’s first online payment solutions and consulting business customers in advanced intranet and complex knowledge management solutions.

The company Intelliweb launched 37 solutions based on Microsoft technology, by went to a hold as Rasmus went into the dot-com business as a consultant on development in early 2000. When the market collapsed, Rasmus topped his period in software development as he became chief of development at Dynamicweb Software A/S – supplier of the well-known Dynamicweb Content Management Solution (CMS).

Rasmus exited the role as chief of development & hosting in 2003, when he founded Netdanmark A/S with a personal friend. The company focused on delivering software-as-a-service solutions based on Microsoft technology. Netdanmark pushed the barrier and made a 3-year success story until early 2007, when it was sold to Danish OMX listed Mondo A/S.

Through his carrier Rasmus Foged has worked with a broad segment of Danish companies and has specialized in consulting and implementing strategic it-solutions for organizations and companies. Although his degree is purely self-taught; his understanding of business behaviors and organization effectiveness has been a great value for customers in Scandinavia.

In early 2008, Rasmus founded the EMEA SaaS Incubation Center Club, facilitated at the EMEA Hosting Club – a yearly Microsoft Executive Meeting, which Rasmus also is a member of.

Today Rasmus Foged has a big network in the it-world, in Microsoft world-wide as well as several board of directors use his knowledge for internal coaching.

Personal network has been the primary key, and in spite of no degree in business finance and operations Rasmus has hold positions as CEO, CSO and VP; with a high sense of moral and professional business standard.

“Education comes from learning and understanding. To listen is the biggest sales-tool in the world!”

Linedin-profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rasmusfoged



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