Municipality: Two giant steps

I must admit that Denmark sometimes is a very strange and difficult country to understand. Integration and the danish learning curve is quite huge, and we act strangely very so often.

2nd of december 2008, KMD – a Danish IT company running IT and data systems for municipalities was sold to a capital investor. Large debate started, but everyone seemed glad that the old, hard-to-deal monopoly as broken, and a lot of the IT businesses in Denmark was really looking forward to get into the pockets of a huge network of municipalities. But again Denmark has amazed me.

Not only did the Danish government own a big chunk of KMD, but also they claimed that they wanted to keep some of these money – set a side (600.000 mio. danish crones). Only to bring that amount of money directly into a newly formed IT company Kombit A/S – focus to run municipalities in Denmark. So what was the case of selling off KMD anyhow?

Stange world!